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Mind Generating Success - Edinburgh Hypnotherapy For help with stress, anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation phobias, eating disorders, sleep problems and addictions. Take back control of your life.
Mind Generating Success - Edinburgh Hypnotherapy For help with stress, anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessationphobias, eating disorders, sleep problems and addictions.   Take back control of your life.  

On-line Therapy For Mental Health


Life can be tough. All of us will be hit by personal difficulties at various points during our life. The assertion that it helps if you have family and friends to share things with can be something of a paradox. Some people – and I place myself in this category – find it harder to talk to loved ones for fear I’m burdening myself on them. I feel my closest family have enough issues of their own without having to listen to my woes.


In some cases, it’s the family that are the cause of the difficulty. Relationship problems for example whether it be with your partner, child or sibling. Difficult life events such as losing your job can leave you feeling you have failed in life and you don’t want to admit this to your loved ones. Traumatic experiences don’t have to be recent – these can relate to years, perhaps decades ago even in childhood. For example, I didn’t fully feel or appreciate the impact of my parents’ divorce when I was just eight years old until well into adulthood. In fact, it wasn’t until I had children (and grandchildren) of my own that the experience of growing up without my father (my mother took us 140 miles north to Aberdeen at the time of the divorce in 1970) impacted on my conscious.


This where therapy can help. Whereas counselling can be relatively short-term treatment, focusing on specific issues such as stress, bereavement of loved one or dramatic lifestyle changes, therapy tends to focus more on the root cause of longer term behavioural or emotional issues. Therapy is talking about the issues that affect you and enabling the counsellor to gain a clear understanding about them. Low mood, depression and a feeling of guilt for whatever reason are issues that are better treated by therapy.  That said, counselling and therapy can cross the same path in some areas. In this respect identifying the issue is the first step to obtaining a resolution. Counsellors and therapists are fully trained to identify and evaluate your issues and can recommend various treatment methods.


Someone with long-standing issues may find the physical prospect of going to see a therapist a daunting one. However, on-line therapy is a recent concept which can offer assistance to people who may have mobility problems or live in a rural area where the broadband service isn’t the most reliable. In some if these areas there may even be a lack of mental health practices so on-line therapy may be the answer. You can read more about what on-line therapy can do for you here. 


Having therapy from the comfort of your own home can be appealing to many. However, it’s also worth considering the other side of the coin. By its very nature on-line therapy deals with confidential and sensitive issues and all websites are liable to the threat of privacy leaks and on-line hackers. The more reputable on-line therapy websites will have safeguards to protect you from this so it’s worth doing a bit of research.


It’s also worth considering that on-line therapists can’t always respond to crisis situations. For example, if someone had suicidal thoughts it can be difficult for a therapist to respond appropriately if they’re not actually with their client. Similarly, people who have serious psychiatric illnesses that require close and direct treatment should be with a therapist on a face-to-face basis.


Remember, therapy – whether it be in person, face-to-face or anonymously through chat or email – doesn’t work for everyone. But it does for so many that it’s worth considering. 




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