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Marriage Counselling and Hypnotherapy

If I had a pound for every time I was asked the question ‘what can hypnotherapy do for me?’ I would probably be able to retire to an island in the Caribbean. However, there is a misconception that hypnotherapy is used mainly for weight loss, smoking cessation and phobias. But there are a wide range of issues it can be used for. Recently, I was asked if hypnotherapy can help mend a broken marriage. Well, it can, providing the reason for the break-up in the relationship is identified and recognised.


Sometimes, couples in relationships, particularly long relationships, can lose the connection that brought them together in the first place. The initial attraction can wane and, worse, become apparent in someone else. The connection which sparked early in the relationship desperately needs re-igniting.


Then there’s the physical attraction. Like the connection mentioned above the early physical attraction can be taken for granted after a period of time. Physical attraction is either there or it isn’t; couples in long-term relationships can become complacent and not think they need to bother about their physical appearance.


And some couples get to the stage where they take each other for granted and spend less and less time together. Their shared experiences become less and less, communication deteriorates and, in the worst cases, resentment, lies and deceit come to the fore.


If you recognise any of these signs what can you do? Perhaps you don’t know or don’t want to face up to the stark reality that your marriage is in trouble. I know one couple for whom all the above applied and, despite being married for 30 years, went their separate ways. The hurt, pain and anguish this caused was considerable not only for them but their children who, despite being adults, felt the consequences more than was envisaged. I speak with some authority on this story – for that’s what happened to me.


My wife and I did try marriage counselling, but the rot had set in too deep.


Marriage counselling does help many people and, you may not think it, but hypnotherapy does too. Hypnotherapy can help identify the root cause why the relationship is in crisis rather than attach blame. Hypnotherapy sessions can use regression to help you remember why you fell in love in the first place and can concentrate on honesty and open communication, getting to know each other once more and perhaps looking at the issues differently - but together.


If you want to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help save your marriage or relationship, contact me on 07521 353 787 or email me at


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